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  • Pascal is out this week
    • No real agenda


  • Ian
  • Tom
  • Susan
  • Andrew


  • Discussed bug 317785
    • Thread safety issues in mirroring
    • Seems that Java 7 sorting has changed in a way that surfaces the issue
    • Need to evaluate if there is any need for a 3.6.1 fix and what the risks are
  • Ian discussed enhancements to publishing update descriptors
    • Allows for staged updates. Allows for you to force a particular update path V1 -> V2 -> V3 instead of V1 -> V3.
    • It is possible today but requires hand editing p2 metadata.
  • Andrew mentions that Ian can look at other things that can be done with p2.inf now that he has knowledge of the code, e.g. Patch IUs.
  • Ian Composite performance and improvements in loading child repos in parallel.
    • Looks like this was discussed in the last p2 meeting as well.

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