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  • Darin
  • Curtis
  • Pascal
  • Thomas
  • Daniel
  • Ian
  • DJ
  • John
  • Steffen
  • Jeff


  • API status
    • Review all the work left to be done. We are one track. Some small things may slip into M7.
  • bug 303027 create P2 discovery feature (Steffen)
    • Some miscommunication happened and this is did not get done. Steffen to chat with Pascal to get things in.
  • Where are we at with the support in the publisher to publish images?
    • Ian will implement this for M7.
  • bug 259537 review update behavior
    • Pascal and Daniel will look at changing the behaviour introduced in M5. The new behaviour will update all the IUs that are in the transitive closure of what is being changed. Removals will stay intact.

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