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  • Henrik
  • Pascal
  • Simon
  • Steffen
  • Susan
  • Thomas
  • Tom


  • Discovery metadata - remaining issues
    • We definitely need to make sure that the IU being installed has branding similar to the thing being selected in the catalog.
    • Steffen mentions that it is planned for a regular repository to be made browsable in the discovery UI.
  • index.p2
    • Ian presents the work he has released to allow for repositories to be found in a certain order. Some discussion followed and bug reports have been opened:
      • Document the index.p2 format
      • Making sure that the download of the file can be cancelled
      • Do we need to specify an option to allow to continue on fail
      • Work with releng team to get the index.p2 generated
      • Verify when we are hitting the server
      • Publisher needs to create a default index.p2 file
      • What happens when an error occurs loading the index.p2
  • Do we need another sort of IU
    • Pascal discusses how concepts from target platform, discovery catalog entry, install descriptor are more of the same thing: one or several repository with several IUs to install from each.
    • Do we need a new sort of IU that would cover for this case in multiple places of p2 (director, UI, etc)/
  • Engine changes
    • Simon is held back on other things. He will talk to DJ and John to see when/if they can release this

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