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  • Capability / RequiredCapability and Query
  • Status update on higher level of repo (colocated, referenced, etc.)



  • Ian to remove the Collector from the IQuery this week. This will be a large change. Ian wants to have everybody released to avoid merging pain for others.
  • Thomas has added a new patch and created the new project to have the new support for the query language.
  • Andrew to move IQueryable interface up the hierarchy on IRepo and IRepoMgr


  • Pascal and DJ explore the addition of typing to ProvidedCapability and RequiredCapability. There are 3 possibilites:
    • Comparable (and the requirement expression become more like a filter),
    • a new type like p2Value and a corresponding type describing interval of values (this allows for complex logic in comparison and inclusion check)
    • Properties, everything on the capability becomes an entry in a map (namespace, name, version) and things are mapped against it using a ldap filter style expression.
  • There is also a discussion to be had about the relationship between a query and requiredcapability

It seems that at this point we can not commit in making IRequiredCapability / IProvidedCapability API. This may not be an issue since this data is only targetted at the planner and some queries that we can provide out of the box.


  • Simon to Release of the Touchpoint / Action and Memento in their final package
  • Discussion on how to return results from Phases? We have a problem today with the Sizing PhaseSet
  • Discussion on how to try to get rid of operands from the API
  • Actions are not properly initialized against the proper instance of the Agent

Director / repo

  • Work on a API to keep track of the relationship between repos in order to simplify ProvisioningContext.


  • Ian
  • Thomas
  • Henrik
  • Susan
  • Darin
  • Curtis
  • Simon
  • John
  • Andrew
  • Pascal

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