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  • Henrik
  • Darin
  • Curtis
  • Pascal
  • Tom
  • Ian
  • Thomas
  • Simon
  • Susan


  • PDE, feedback on the p2 launching support
    • OVerall the functionality is much appreciated of the p2 developers. Unclear how the community will use it.
    • The profile is a bit too often trashed, Darin and Curtis will look at how to make fine grained changes.
    • At this point the profile does not have groups or roots, which may be confusing. Unclear which scenarios this affect.
  • From binary to source
    • PDE has an item to help ppl get the source of a bundle. 2 sub problems: a) where do we store the information about the source repository ( ? b) how does one find a source bundle from a binary bundle?
    • b) will be solved by providing capabilities

  • What about progressively moving the API to their final package?
    • Each time you believe a class is good to go from an API standpoint, please move it to its final package. This will help us to see the progress.
  • What will be the version of the packages and bundles?
    • Packages and bundles will be move to version 2.0.
  • Pascal reminds everybody to look at Genuitec's patch
  • What about providing helper queries that are specific to a domain. E.g. FeatureQuery, BundleQuery, CategoryQuery, ... ProfileRootQuery,
    • The need to provide domain specific query arises when we try to clean up the API from some constants. These domain specific queries will ease the usage of p2 API.
    • We will look at making queries like bundleQuery, CategoryQuery, RootQuerues, etc.
    • Simon mentioned that some constants were also polluting the Profile API. We will need to clean that up.
  • Look at moving IUPropertyUtils to a lower level.
  • How can we improve the query API? What are we trying to solve?
    • Brief discussion about the on-going work to improve the query API.
  • ESE recap by Henrik
    • 20 minutes introduction talk to p2, no particular question
    • Buckminster aggregator showed. Lot questions. Ppl interested in the Maven output format.
    • Good discussion around b3.

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