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  • DJ
  • Pascal
  • Ian
  • Henrik
  • Simon
  • Darin
  • Curtis
  • Scott
  • Susan


  • Plan review
  • API evolution discussion
    • We will try to keep the history for the implementation, however this may be hard
    • Renaming to the final package name will only be done closer to the end
  • Genuitec patch
    • Genuitec provided a large patch that contains interesting fixes in p2.
    • Pascal to see the legal implication of accepting this patch, may be need to open a CQ.
  • Server-side provisioning
    • Simon started from Scott's work and has built some more things around this.
    • Bugs have been opened around the equinox / server-side component prefixed with p2.
    • Discussion about adding the ability to export into another p2 provisioned install than self
  • PDE search bundle functionality
    • Ian and Chris are working on a bundle search functionality
    • Discussion around the need to get an API to only consult the repositories that are loaded

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