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  • 3.5.1 update failures?
    • At this point we believe that there could be several causes sometimes inter-related to failures of updating:
      • Handling of the HTTP error code 403, which got addressed in 3.5.1.
      • NTLM proxies, fixed in 3.5.1
      • Order in which the repository factories are being consulted
      • Foundation redirecting the obtention of repository indexes (content.jar, artifacts.jar, composite...) to servers on the cloud but where the files would be missing from.
    • The one scenario Ian seems to have notice involves p2 trying to contact the foundation for a site.xml, being redirected to "the cloud" and have the server being contacted return a error code 403 rather than a 404 since the file is not present.
  • What is planned on the installer?
    • Henrik briefly chatted about what is available in Buckminster.
      • Technology to talk back to the server and obtain content for the wizard. Pascal wonders if this could be done with meta requirements or if those would happen too late.
      • Ability to address several profiles from one request. We will likely need to talk again about such a mechanism in p2 as similar goals are being discussed in the context of OSGi RFP 121 (Applicaiton Lifecycle and management).


  • Henrik
  • Susan
  • Ian
  • Andrew
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