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  • Andrew Niefer
  • Curtis Windatt
  • Darin Wright
  • DJ Houghton
  • Henrik Lindberg
  • Ian Bull
  • John Arthorne
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Susan McCourt
  • Thomas Hallgren


  • Plan
  • What do we make API?
    • Collect day from release train projects and others on what API is being used today
    • Focus on clients simply using p2 rather than extenders
  • When do we make API?
    • Need to stage how we will roll out the API to minimize client impact
    • Must coordinate with Eclipse SDK consumers to avoid N-build breakage
    • Must coordinate with release train consumers to avoid Milestone breakage
    • Aim for major rollout in M4, refinement in M5, last minute polish in M6
  • Alternative way of categorizing content, how?
    • Issue 1: tag categories directly on IU rather than externally
      • Easier for simple use cases
      • Less flexible, requires filtering/overriding for people republishing content with different categories
      • There was no consensus on this
    • Issue 2: should categories be installable units?
      • Categories are not actually installable. Clients that want to do something special with categories need to separate them from IUs to handle them differently
      • Would be cleaner as a separate concept
      • On the other hand many parts of API take advantage of treating categories as IUs: queries, metadata repositories, capabilities, etc
      • Is it worth splitting categories from IUs?
      • There was no consensus on this
  • UI, do we want to do anything about optional dependencies? (See bug 247099 and bug 247342).
    • We ran out of time for this topic

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