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  • Jeff
  • Scott
  • Darin
  • Susan
  • Pascal
  • Andrew
  • DJ
  • Simon


  • 3.5.1
    • NTLM2 problem
      • Scott has released some code for ECF
      • Others have tested the detection code in ECF
      • Still need to get p2 changes in place
      • ECF will need to update its version to indicate an addition of a new service interface
        • could use provisional or internal and make p2 an x-friend
      • Scott requests others with NTLM2 networks to do some testing. Scott does not have a local network
    • SAT4J
      • need for parallel IP process
      • Time to take for resolution fix.
      • We are confident that it will not introduce a regression? (yes)
    • Dropins is broken if the delta-pack is extracted into a dropins folder or over the eclipse install (bug XXX)
      • In 3.5 you set up a target platform with another location to use for the delta-pack. This is the recommended way to do this.
    • bug 285325 tests have been failing for shared install mode. John and Simon are investigating if the fix should be removed for the 3.5.1. Test appear to be failing sporadically.
  • 3.6 Planning
    • IBM team is finalizing plan
      • Pascal describes a few requirements from IBM team
      • OSGi Specification work (OBR etc.). Very slow going. Still gather requirements for the RFP.
        • Defining repo meta-data and resolver API.
      • RFP 121 application lifecyle and management.
        • Application definition is very loose in OSGi. Not strict container. Everything is bundle based and bundles can comprise an application. There is a need for managing a more coarse grain application that can span one or more bundles.
      • API work for p2.
        • How far we need to go. Get input from consumers
      • Must consume meta-data from 3.5 in 3.6
        • should be able to update from 3.5 to 3.6
      • verify GC is pluggable
      • UI goes through engine
      • Run on other frameworks (Felix).
        • Have unnecessary dependencies on Equinox (EventMgr, security etc.).
      • Multi-user scenario support.
        • relocatable installs (bundle pools etc.).
    • Others on the team?
      • EclipseSource
        • Configurablity
        • Remoteness
          • Repository work for remote querying.
        • Get rid of exemplary setup, improve usage of DS and services.
          • Has impact on API.
        • multiple instances of p2 running in the same framework
        • server-side work for doing feature based war work to manage the WAR with p2.
        • ECF
          • HTTP 4.0 client (maybe?) will not help NTLM2, need to verify
          • Use of jetty for a replacement of apache http client (unknown if it supports NTLM2)

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