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  • 3.5.1 Galileo SR1, 15 bugs
  • Role of features in p2 and PDE
  • Consequences of self-hosting p2
    • What happens if you install/uninstall in your target?
  • Enhancements to install-time certificate checking
  • Proxy issues


  • Andrew Niefer
  • Curtis Windatt
  • Darin Wright
  • DJ Houghton
  • Ian Bull
  • John Arthorne
  • Susan McCourt
  • Tom Watson


  • Role of features
    • Currently PDE is heavily based on features. What is the future of features and how should PDE evolve?
    • Over long term we see separation between "groups" that allow recursive aggregation of bundles with flexible version ranges, and "line-ups" that specify exact sets of bundles to install. However we have no concrete plans to further separate these two concerns.
    • PDE should evolve towards the more generic p2 concept of "group" where possible to avoid the restrictive characteristics of features
  • Self-hosting p2
    • If I have a real profile representing my running target, what happens if I manipulate that target within my test workspace? Are changes persisted across sessions? Is my target platform modified accordingly?
    • Discussed conceptual change of an explicit export/build to deploy bundles from the workspace into a target for testing/debugging purposes. Similar to OSGi tooling in other communities.
  • Certificate checking
    • Want to improve workflows around install-time security checking to be less "jarring" to the user. Either allow resolution of security issues in install wizard, or allow issues to be resolved asynchronously post-install (warning bubble)
    • Support more kinds of install-time security checks (possibly an extensible, open-ended set of security checks), but with a cohesive UI experience so user doesn't get prompted five times for five different security issues. Some extra checks include revocation checks, signature timestamp expiration, unsigned artifacts, etc
    • Matt is working on a more concrete proposal
  • Proxy issues
    • We continue to have a flow of proxy-related bugs coming in, with heated discussions.
    • Generally multi-way problems between ECF/p2/ providers such as Apache
    • Didn't have the right people on the call to have a useful discussion

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