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Discussion topics

  • Early test pass
    • Matt will focus on the UI
      • Susan, Matt and Henrik to work on repository to help validate the work done around better error message for transport issues, authentication, etc.
    • Simon to look at shared installs
    • Ian reminds that PDE UI export needs to be tried out
  • PDE Target Provisioner - Has anyone tried it yet?
    • Darin and Curtis briefly describe the new target provisioner they have done. It supports multiple OS by adding plug-ins manually.
    • Pascal to look at one problem where the A.JRE IU is not included. Also the possibility for PDE to pre-populate the profile with an IU is emitted.
  • Andrew reports that Kim is very close to build the SDK with new PDE Build / publisher infrastructure. This is extremely cool.
  • Overall 3.5 status
    • John is done with perf improvements
    • Simon is worried about some intermittent failing tests and needs to look into shared install problems on the mac
    • DJ, nothing blocking
    • Matt, nothing blocking
    • Susan, most the bugs can be shipped without them being addressed
    • Henrik, nothing major, will probably look into the issue of robust uninstall behavior
    • Ian, patches are prepared for various publisher issues and also for category export. Email to be sent on the ML.
    • Thomas H, he is taking owner ship of director app related bugs. Working on a solution to bug 268138. Pascal to provide feedback.
    • Pascal, nothing blocking
    • Andrew, need to do work to ensure 3.5 can build 3.4.x. Need to work on the structure of the executable feature.

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