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  • Jeff
  • Ian
  • Curtis
  • Susan
  • Tom
  • Henrich
  • Scott
  • Simon
  • Matthew
  • Pascal
  • DJ
  • John
  • Andrew

Discussion Topics

EclipseCon Summary

  • interesting to see the evolution of eco-system
  • lots of interesting things happening
    • Yoxos rebuilt on p2
    • CloudSmith
    • WindRiver (installer)
    • solutions for cloud and server-side provisioning
    • Galileo build using p2
    • Nexus repository management
    • Google, eBay all doing cool stuff
  • interesting discussions around p2 and OBR (creating a spec, overlap between the two, etc)
  • talked to the Maven guys about unifying the resolver

3.5 M7

  • still lots of stuff to do
  • about 160 bugs marked for 3.5 still open
  • some publisher work
  • install handler work
  • ant tasks
  • framework extension code has been released
    • Simon to contact Andrew E about writing tests

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