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  • Andrew Niefer
  • Curtis Windatt
  • DJ Houghton
  • Henrik Lindberg
  • Ian Bull
  • Jeff McAffer
  • John Arthorne
  • Matthew Piggott
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Susan McCourt
  • Thomas Hallgren


  • Ant tasks
    • Reviewing ant task consistency
    • Some potential changes to ant task arguments
    • Need to review and check for breaking changes, and evaluate if we can do this for M6 or not
  • New UID field in product file
  • Renaming Query to IQuery, CompositeQuery to PipedQuery
    • We want to avoid major ripples during milestone week, let's do this after 3.5.
  • Install handlers: defer to M7
  • Changing CU attachment code to support omni-version: defer to M7

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