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  • Shape of the 3.5 Provisional API (Jeff)
    • Going forward we will use the Equinox rule, however we will not change the names of existing packages in 3.5. or in 3.6
  • Default start levels in .product files
    • p2 will have as little knowledge as possible to start any specific IU
    • Still need to handle the old style products
  • Qualify category names
    • Problem, site.xml has a name and a label but the name is wrongly name. We want to have an ID.
    • Need to revise what the category definition in site.xml was allowing.
      • Pending this, we may want to have the site.xml editor to warn when the name is not set and we probably want to replace the wording of "name" by "id" in the editor too.
    • Andrew to open bugs.


  • Andrew N
  • Simon K
  • Jeff
  • Zx
  • Matthew P.
  • DJ
  • Pascal Rap[icauilt
  • John A.
  • Ian B
  • David S
  • Darin W
  • Curtis
  • Henrik
  • Susan

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