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  • Publisher
    • A lot of the general pieces are there
    • A lot things need to be fixed
    • Need changes in the build
    • Discussion around what happens to the application for the generator
      • need to verify the compatibility
  • Composite repositories
    • Can't colocate composite.xml, content.xml. Ian look into it.
    • Comparison tool support
  • Who review the native tasks contributed by Henrik
    • BackupStore to improve
    • Worried about the timing of this
    • We will need to focus on the install handler replacement
  • Install handler replacement
    • Need to review the metadata
    • If this is run from an installer, need to provision an action into an agent
    • Having two p2 agents in the same env
    • Discussion around service and rewriting
  • Line up problem
    • Pascal to try set the dependency to true


  • Henrik
  • Tom W?
  • Simon
  • Matt
  • John
  • DJ
  • Pascal
  • Dave
  • Ian
  • Doug
  • Paul

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