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  • Simon
  • Andrew
  • DJ
  • Andrew
  • Pascal
  • Jed
  • John
  • Tom
  • Susan
  • Curtis


  • New call time
    • 3PM - Ottawa Time (EDT) - Pascal to send a mail and modify the calendar
  • Composite repositories
    • Code has been released
    • Andrew and Andrew to talk to Kim to get build use
    • Andrew C. to write a wiki page on composite repo
    • Questions:
      • Andrew N is asking, are there any check done when repositories are added
      • We need to have a way to validate the content of a composite repository. This can either be done at addition time or as a separate step
  • Repo association
    • John has written a document about repository association. He will send the link on the ML.
  • Path fun
    • Major overhaul has been going on in fwk admin, simpleconfigurator, etc. to fix path bugs
    • We are going to change the format of to respond to some bugs
      • PDE may be impacted, but we provide an API for them to use
  • Getting values
    • In e4, they need a user input to get the location of the Flex runtime but we don't have a mechanism to get variables.
    • Variable work is currently not scheduled for 3.5.
  • Pluggable versions
    • The discussion did not take place since Thomas H. was not at the call.

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