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  • M3 status
  • Bug triaging
  • Repository robustness
  • URI / URL changes


  • Simon
  • John
  • Andrew N
  • Andrew C
  • DJ
  • Susan
  • Jeff
  • Scott
  • Jed


  • We reviewed the progress on the M3 plan ( Some good progress have been gone.
    • PDE work has started, but this is an item that will span over several milestones. Andrew Jeff and Pascal to work on a document highlighting the general direction for authoring metadata.
    • MD5 artifact validation. Some initial work has been done reenabling pieces that were already there, but nothing concrete yet.
    • Update manager dependency. Code level analysis done. We will focus on the other constructs for the rest of the milestone.
    • Line-ups. This has not been looked at. Pascal thought about it briefly, and he thinks he can come up with something. However the worry lies when not everything is in the line up, or when there are multiple line ups specifying the same plug-in and how this needs to be treated. This enters the space of mult-criteria optimization and could require some changes in the encoding. This needs to be done in close collaboration with Daniel. Pascal to spend some more time in M3 to look at the issue again.
    • UI drill-down / metadata. Susan has done some thinking and proposed a sub-group model. However this felt weird. Jeff suggested a root like model. Pascal wondered why categories were not enough and suggested that if everything is categorized then it we could do something. Also idea of a special query to get what needs to be shown to the user. Susan is to recap more of the conversation in a bug report. There was also a discussion about how to treat bridge plug-in and optional pieces.
  • Bug triaging
    • There is no official triager. The triager is the first person who reads the bug.
    • Steps to be followed
      • Updating the title
      • Add the keyword in brackets
      • Try to assign a bug owner
      • Set a milestone or 3.5 if it is
      • A bug is not assigned to anyone or to the inbox if we don't have enough details
  • TODO items
    • Update PSF to move ECF to head and Include Http client (Pascal)
    • John to write wiki page about URI best practices
    • Jeff to open a bug to add category support as part of the publisher - 250974

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