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  • Andrew G
  • Andrew N
  • Dave
  • DJ
  • Jeff
  • John
  • Pascal
  • Scott
  • Simon
  • Susan
  • Tom



  • last week was a test-only week (no new development)
  • made good progress
  • have made it up to 50% coverage
  • doesn't include numbers from manual UI tests, reconciler tests or Andrew's mirror tests
  • Susan to send John session files to merge coverage results
  • can't run JUnit4 tests in the test framework
  • DJ to send note to platform-releng to see if it is on their plan
  • John to change publisher tests to use JUnit3

3.5 Plan Work

  • Simon is working on the action contribution points
  • Scott is interested in this too
  • Simon to be working on it this week
  • a lot of little things like URL -> URI which need to happen early on (John to co-ordinate)
  • file format and versions needs to be dealt with soon
  • Scott would like everyone to give the new HTTP client a try so different network setups can be tested
  • he will put a repository up on to make adoption easier
  • here is a link to the general Eclipse repos: Eclipse Project Update Sites

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