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Equinox/p2/Build Input

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Fetch artifacts for your build using p2

A new extension has been added to PDE/Build that enables users to fetch artifacts from p2 repositories. You can now add an entry to your map file for build input and PDE/Build will retrieve the artifact and include it in the build.

The map file entry needs to include the id and version of the installable unit (IU), and the URI of the repository where the IU can be found. The metadata and artifact repositories are assumed to be co-located. An example is:,1.0.0=p2IU,,version=1.0.0,repository=http:/,,version=1.0.0,repository=

When fetching features from a p2 repository, you must refer to the feature jar, and not the group. See Feature Metadata Layout in the eclipse help.

p2 repositories as a target for PDE Build

You can now specify a location that contains local p2 repositories in nested folders or zip files. The build will automatically transform the repositories into a form that PDE/Build can compile against.

There is a new processRepos phase in the main build script with corresponding pre and post targets in the customTargets.xml file.

You must set these properties in the for your builder. The repoBaseLocation is the location of the folder containing the local p2 repositories. The transformedRepoLocation is the location where the transformed artifacts will be placed after being processed.


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