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Equinox/p2/Adding Projects to p2

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This page describes the list of steps that you need to take in order to add a new project to Equinox p2 Provisioning.

Load RelEng Projects

You will need to check out the Platform's Release Engineering project from the repository:

path: /cvsroot/eclipse
project: org.eclipse.releng

Inside there is a maps folder which contains entries for all our projects. The build takes a project name and looks it up in this file in order to determine which version to check out from the repository. You should add your bundles to the Provisioning section and try to keep them in alphabetical order in order to find them easier.

Update Features

As far as the build itself goes, the build is driven from features and not bundles. So we have created some features to build and included our bundles in them. The features can be found in the p2 Release Engineering project:

path: /cvsroot/eclipse/equinox-incubator/provisioning
project: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.releng

Inside this project we have a buildtime-features folder which contains the 5 features that we currently build: the agent, the metadata generator, the director, the user ui, and a self-hosting feature. Where will your bundles be used? They may need to be added to more than one feature.

Update the config.ini

The build actually runs the director to provision an agent so if your bundle is required as part of the director, then the config.ini (osgi.bundles list) needs to be updated to include your new bundle. You should also check the other config.ini files, just in case.

path: /cvsroot/eclipse
project: org.eclipse.releng.eclipsebuilder
files: equinox/buildConfigs/equinox.prov/files

Releasing Your Changes

Once your bundles have been added to the map file and appropriate feature files, you need to:

  • release the changes to the feature files to the repository
  • tag the org.eclipse.equinox.p2.releng project with a version
  • update the entries for the 5 features in the map file to be the version that you just tagged
  • tag your projects
  • update your entries in the map file to be the version that you tagged

Once this initial setup of your projects is done, you can use the Release Engineering Tools to release your projects on a weekly (or whenever) basis. The RelEng Tools bundle is available from the Eclipse downloads page and it adds a Team -> Release menu option which will take care of tagging your project, updating the map file, and releasing the updated map file to the repository.

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