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Equinox Components Juno Development Plan draft. Some items listed below can end up in the official Juno plan.

If you are not a member of the Equinox Team and you want to add your work to the plan, please follow the steps below.
1. Update an appropriate section with your request/idea/issue. If no section matches your issue, add a new section.
2. Find a bug in the bugzilla describing the issue and link it next to your entry.
3. Place your contact details (name, bugzilla id, email) next to your item.

1. Add an item to the draft plan, if you think you can work on it or you contacted the component lead before.
2. Adding an item to the official plan is a strong commitment!
3. The Equinox team reserves the right to decide what is published on the official dev plan page.



  • Use gogo shell with the Equinox framework bug 317827 (lkirchev)



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