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Planning page for Equinox work for Photon (4.8)

The sub-lists in the order of decreasing urgency is shown in the table below - Last few rows are for convenience and may not have mapping of row number to urgency.


Number All Bugs Open Bugs
Photon M5 Next Milestone Next Milestone
Oxygen.3 Maintenance Maintenance
Photon Photon Photon

OSGi R7 implementation

The Photon release of Equinox includes implementations of the OSGi R7 specification for the following OSGi specifications:

  • OSGi Core Framework Specification
  • OSGi Resolver Service Specification
  • OSGi Log Service Specification

All other OSGi specification that Equinox implements remain at OSGi R6 specification levels for the Photon release.

Sl No Category Remarks
1 All OSGi R7 bugs targeted and non-targeted

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