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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20120430


  • Tom
  • John R.
  • Pascal
  • Ian


  • Milestone week (M7) still have over 100 bugs marked for Juno
  • MacOS
  • Removal apply now
  • Search performance
  • From Pascal
  • Java 7

Milestone Week M7

  • Added RC mile stones added

Mac OS

  • bug 57349
  • Generate additional meta-data to cause the application to be use a the "MacOS" layout.
  • Caused some tests to fail, but fixed in the latest code.
  • Add to N&N for M7

Removal apply now

  • Long standing issue that causes confusion and is a better default to remove the button

Search Performance

  • Is really slow bug 368064.
  • We seem to be missing an index which causes a linear search for each keystroke.
  • Ian to release for M7.

bug 338495

  • Agreed to do it for M7

bug 324790

  • Agreed to investigate for RC1

Java 7

  • Appears we don't pack the jars for the platform repo?
  • On failure we seemed to download 200 times! Ian fixed this.
  • Confirmed that it does only fail on nested packed jars.
  • Seems we don't have M5s for many artifact. Is this a publisher bug?

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