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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20111107


  • DJ
  • Anthony
  • Tom
  • Simon
  • Pascal
  • Ian
  • John R.


  • Eclipse Con
    • EU 2011 recap
    • US 2012 submissions
  • Patches from Anthony bug 304594
  • Git

Eclipse Con

  • Eclipse Con EU 2011
    • Ian's talk went well.
    • Not much around osgi topics
  • Eclipse Con 2012
    • Pascal and Ian planning to submit intro to p2.
    • Tom considering a number of osgi devcon talks.
    • Anthony suggests
      • How to interact with your profile from the UI

p2 patches

  • bug 304594 - p2 buildable with tycho
    • Anthony asks about having a job on Hudson to do tycho builds.
    • Pascal says we already have one but not configured to do anything
    • would be good to get this configured to be able to check stuff

servlet 3.0

  • Simon to talk to Kim about the servlet 3.0 build.

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