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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20111003


  • DJ
  • Tom
  • Simon
  • Katya
  • Ian
  • John
  • Pascal


  • p2 3.7 tagging
  • Shared Install
  • Preference Synch
  • Servlet 3.0
  • Equinox Resolver and p2 Resolver
  • I'm feeling lucky
  • R5

Maintenance for 3.7.1

  • Most committers should tag in maint once they release
  • May consider doing a patch feature if the fixes are crucial.
  • DJ to run the tagging scripts on the 3.7.2 stream

Juno Tagging

  • Ian tagged the wrong branch
  • Ian to make sure things are cleaned up for the next I-Build

Servlet 3.0

  • Simon A. is in communication with Jetty folks on Jetty 8
  • had a number of issues with git that resulted in a disconnected HEAD!
    • head has been reattached.

Equinox Resolver and p2 Resolver

  • uses and equinox resolver.
    • Equinox resolver has some heuristics for reducing the solution set and timeouts for limiting the amount of time it allows to be used to resolve uses constraints. Katya to open a bug to add ways of tweaking these heuristics and timeout values.
  • lazy activation, equinox has a compatibility flag osgi.compatibility.eagerStart.LazyActivation which is set to true by default. bug 177641.
  • p2 interpretation of 0.0.0. Katya to open a bug to fix the interpretation of 0.0.0

I'm feeling lucky

  • loosening up the feature ranges to allow for updates of child repos.
  • tries to do the update with less strict dependencies.

R5 OSGi Core

  • Filter is being updated to support enums.
    • Should not impact anyone. Need to make sure the valueOf check is expecting the correct result.

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