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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20110627


  • Tom
  • John
  • Ian
  • Pascal



  • New planning wiki to fill in for Juno Equinox/Plan/Juno
  • We need to fill out the items from


  • What needs to be available in a Maven repo?
    • Eclipse has a maven repo for projects to publish.
    • We should publish at least the framework to
    • Should talk to Dave Carver to publish to (Pascal's action item)
  • What needs to be available in the Maven Central repo?
    • Stuff from the Eclipse maven repo can be pushed to Maven Central repo.
    • We should first put it at and then consider pushing it to Maven Central.
    • Lets evaluate the usage of stuff at first and then decide if/what needs to be pushed to Maven Central.

Incubator and git

  • Repository reorg to git.
    • Current Proposal is to have the incubator repo which contains everything that exists in the current Equinox repo.
  • Much discussion about what the incubator is useful for
    • Generally seems useful for completely new areas of work.
    • Generally useless and painful for working on large sections of existing code that is graduated.
    • For working on existing graduated code it seems more useful to allow authorized branches that "anyone" can commit to and keep in sync with the main repo.
    • Later a committer can work with them to merge the branch back to the main repo and optionally nominate the author as a committer.
  • Tom has action item to talk to Kim about the possibility of moving the incubator last.


  • Discussed the new option org.osgi.framework.bsnversion and the fact that setting it to multiple allows a the same bundle to be installed multiple times if a different location string is used to install the bundle.
  • Tom mentions that a new option is being discussed for the next framework spec that allows for hooks to control this invariant instead of make it a global on/off switch.

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