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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20110509


  • Tom
  • DJ
  • Katya
  • John
  • Pascal
  • Jeff


  • Are we ready for RC1
  • ECF 3.5.1 in RC2? bug 341290
  • New SAT4J, ECF have been release.
  • Virgo update
  • Ready osgi specific properties

OSGi Specific Properties

  • configuration area and installation area
    • FrameworkAdmin seems to not handler these correctly.


  • Bug review
    • 11 bugs in p2
    • 4 in import/export being committed today
    • 2 from Matt are ready
    • 5 left there are a couple coming from eclipse source
  • Infinite download loop.
    • Fix introduces another issue with mirroring when mirrors do not contain the artifact. bug 345061

ECF 3.5.1

  • Will have to open a new bug to integrate. Need to ask if we can get ECF to contribute earlier bug 345186

Virgo Update

  • Virgo using equinox launcher and simple configurator
    • Scoped artifacts? Still need to handle that with p2
    • Need to support other Virgo repositories, maven etc.
    • Initial provisioning. Had a short discussion on how simple configurator is going to be used
      • Thoughts are a single simple configurator would be used and a single
      • The would contain all the bundles from all regions that needs to be installed
      • Tom points out that this is only possible if simple configurator can see all bundles
      • Katya explains that it should have visibility to all bundles in all regions because it is imported into all regions.
      • Tom points out that the relationship needs to be inverted. Importing simple configurator in to all regions does not allow simple configurator to see all bundles. It allows all bundles to see simple configurator, but not the reverse
      • In order to get it to work simple configurator would need to be in its own region

                                All Bundles
         |                                                              |
         |                                                              V
   --------------               --------------                     --------------
  |              |             |              | Share from User   |              |
  |   Simple     |             |   Kernel     |------------------>|    User      |
  | Configurator |------------>|   Region     |                   |   Region     |
  |   Region     | All Bundles |              | Share from Kernel |              |
  |              |             |              |<------------------|              |
  |              |             |              |                   |              |
   --------------               --------------                     --------------
  • This way simple configurator will see all bundles from the kernel and user region and the simple configurator should not need to be shared into the other regions.

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