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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20110411


  • Tom
  • John
  • Katya
  • DJ
  • Dean
  • Ian
  • Pascal


  • Welcome new equinox committers
    • John Ross
    • Glyn Normington
    • Borislav Kapukaranov
    • Tobias Oberlies
  • Discuss regions
  • Virgo update and bug bug 336986
  • Locking
  • Import/Export stuff

Virgo Update

  • Special simple configurator for virgo?
  • Virgo is dependent on ordering, not sure this will work with p2
  • Discussed a bit about provisioning regions
    • Tom raises concerns about using all aspects of p2 for provisioning regions
    • Would it be better to use p2 to access repositories and resolve IUs and then have custom code that installs the system based on the results from the resolver?

Discuss regions

  • Tom is getting code ready to put into equinox under Components
  • Need to figure out a release vehicle for region implementation
    • Tom is not keen on putting it into Indigo
    • May need to do a quick release of equinox that only includes the region bundle for virgo release.


  • side effect of creating .lock files is bad, especially for read operations
    • don't use .lock file, may use artifacts.* file?
    • The lock file can change for compressed and not compressed
    • Lots of changes
    • Decided to add option to turn locking on, but it is off by default for 3.7

Import/Export stuff

  • Pascal integrated the new importexport bundle into the build
  • New committer Meng Xin Zhu nominated to do ongoing maintenance and development of the code.

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