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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20110328


  • Tom
  • DJ
  • Ian
  • John R.
  • Pascal
  • Katya


  • EclipseCon Report
  • ECF version for Indigo
  • Build issue with corrupted jar
  • Build failures
  • Virgo and subsystems
  • Git support

EclipseCon Report

Build failures

  • Test failures for updating 3.6->3.7
    • Past failures seemed to be because builds too often and we are not updating to the correct ones.
    • DJ will look at adding more debug info to the tests to see what it is failing.

Build issue with corrupted jar

  • Mirrors are not invalidated on corrupted jar
  • get into infinite loop
    • Ian has some ideas to put a quick fix

ECF Version for Indigo

  • Pascal to send a note on what version of ECF to use for Indigo


  • Daniel is going to attach to new version to the CQ
  • Still need to determine if it is required to update for Indigo

Git support

  • To help facilitate collaboration by using a git repo?
  • Use as a pure clone to allow for github to allow us to reconsume patches from branches easily


  • Pascal - lots of interest in RT on server-side
  • But lots of confusion about what to consume
  • Interest in tycho and maven

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