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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20110314


  • Ian
  • Jeff
  • Katya
  • John R
  • Pascal
  • DJ


  • Use of EasyMock
  • RAP installing stuff into IDE
  • Locking stuff, failing testcases

Easy Mock

  • Tom briefly asks about use of EasyMock
  • p2 uses it sparingly
  • Virgo project uses it extensively
  • When moving region stuff to Equinox we will likely get a bucket of tests that use it
  • Jeff give favorable opinion on use of EasyMock where possible.

Failing testcases

  • Seems that when we have builds that occur close together the update tests can fail.
    • Seems related to trying to update to the latest when perhaps the latest build is not quite done and the last build tests are running.

RAP installing into IDE

  • Installing target components into IDE can cause issues
    • Perhaps RAP should be a windows system.
    • Issues when using the launcher, cannot find the launcher fragment
    • Seems mostly a packaging issue to allow building of launcher for headless scenarios.
    • RAP bug is open currently bug 338544

Eclipse Con

  • BOFs
    • p2 bof set up by Pascal
    • Jeff to set a BOF for RT/Equinox

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