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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20110307


  • Ian
  • DJ
  • Dean
  • John R.
  • Kayta
  • Pascal


  • M6 API freeze
  • M6 test pass
  • Work with Virgo team on regions
  • Import and Export

M6 freeze

  • Ian got the locking artifacts changes in w/ API changes
    • Need to pay attention to deadlock during testpass.
    • Do we need to do this with metadata repositories
  • Simplify UI API and Operations did not make it into M6. Will need exception for M7.
  • May need get a new SAT4J

Region Digraph

  • Starting to work with the Virgo team on Region Digraph bug 338525
  • Intention is to move the Region Digraph from Virgo into Equinox
  • Ongoing work in Virgo to shape API and work out some implementation issues
    • Discussed issues on persistence.
      • Katya asked about an editable file that drives the regions
      • Tom is not in favor of an externally editable format, would like to keep that detail up to Virgo and other isolation models that may come along (e.g. Subsystems RFC in OSGi).

Import and Export issue

  • Katya asks about the ongoing import and export substitute issue. bug 338240
  • Katya to move discussions to OSGi bug to get clarification on fragment issue.
    • Tom indicates that this is a developer error that the specification is not required to catch.

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