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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20110228


  • Tom
  • Dean
  • DJ
  • John R.
  • Katya
  • Pascal
  • Ian


  • Helios SR2 ini issues bug 338310
  • New security fragment coming for win x86_64
  • M6 March 11th (API freeze)
  • Shared install status
  • Equinox and p2 resolver version qualifier
  • Logging in p2
  • Install dialog requires compare

Helios SR2 ini issues

  • When updating SR1 -> SR2 ini gets deleted
    • metadata for SR2 incorrectly states uppercase Eclipse for the executable which causes p2 to delete the eclipse.ini
    • may need to fix frameworkadmin to handle this better

M6 API freeze

  • Simplification of Operation API. Provide a factory to make it easier to create Operation objects
  • Use of services vs extensions.
  • Bundle pool locking

Shared install status

p2 and Equinox resolver version

Shared install status

  • Fix the error message, there is an existing bug report already.
    • Conflicting requirements that cannot be met, message.
    • Not trying to update the base UIs. Is that possible?
      • Dean says there is not much we can do because we don't know what is going to change until after we send the problem to sat4j.
      • Pascal - but we know what roots are in the read-only install. Only look for updates for IUs from the users profile.

Logging in p2

Install dialog requires compare

  • Makes it hard to use in RCP
    • should we consider an option dependency.
    • bug 338351

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