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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20110124


  • Tom
  • Pascal
  • DJ
  • John R
  • Katya
  • Ian
  • Krassimir


  • M5 testing
    • Need to test the changes in the UI, and in general go through the test plan.
  • API changes in the fwk
    • Changes in the OSGi API will be happen in early M6. Tom will send a mail on cross-project ML.
  • Publisher incubator
    • Pascal asked what was the status of this work. Ian reports that nothing has happened.
  • p2 metadata serialization
    • Following the question on the ML to make p2 serializable, Pascal talked to Igor and reports that the real need is given a set of IUs to be able to serialize them to a file. The files does not need to be a repository, and we don't have to have to deal with repository manager.
  • Framework hooks and p2
    • Katya explains that she is working on an effort to provision Virgo with p2. Cool!
    • Tom gives an overview on how fwk hooks work (because Pascal did not know).
    • Some things are being mentioned about the RFC 152 on subsystems. We are wondering if there are some ideas in there that can be "reused".
    • Some discussion follow on how to resolve implement that. It seems that the pb can be decomposed. Pascal suggests:
      • Need something that knows how to configure the fwk hooks (something like
      • Need touchpoint action that knows how to deal with
      • Need a metadata layer that knows how to reason about several profiles (in order to allow for things that are conflicting to be installed together)
    • Tom and Pascal expressed an interest in talking with the Virgo guys. Krassi to setup a meeting.

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