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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20101206


  • Jeff
  • DJ
  • Tom
  • Andrew
  • Dean
  • John R
  • Ian (struggling with the mute button)


  • p2 publishing of products and features
  • New and noteworthy for M4
  • Coordinator

p2 publishing

  • There are a number of things that PDE build does in the process of "building" a feature/product that others (non-PDE folks) would like to do
  • Much of this is related to p2 publishing
  • The p2 team is seeing a number of bug reports against the p2 product publisher as well as missing parts of feature publishing
  • Tycho-520 bug has a number of details
  • lots of discussion in the call. We agreed that there is some potential to refactor the Eclipse / p2 parts of publishing/building (respectively) into some bundle that extends the base p2 publisher and can be used be PDE, Tycho, Buckminster, Ant/Ivy folks, ...
  • Jeff to put something on p2-dev to see what folks think

M4 New and noteworthy

  • People should proactively
  • some core framework changes to be noted
  • p2 topics?
    • space numbers
    • licensing improvements
    • new space stuff uses perm gen space so there may be some side-effects.


  • new spec form OSGi for lightweight transaction-like behaviour
  • John R was doing well on the implementation but the spec changed
  • delivery will be delayed until M5
  • Equinox impl may be the RI. Not sure at this point

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