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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20101129


  • Pascal
  • Ian
  • John A.
  • DJ
  • Dean
  • Tom
  • John R.


  • p2 and SAP
  • injection of services and e4
  • M4 status
  • strange bugs from Ian

p2 and SAP

  • Minimize p2
    • Why?
      • run p2 on POS device 128 meg total in size on linux
      • On the server running 100s of p2 instances so needs to scale well
      • Embed p2 into Virgo to reduce bloating Virgo.
      • For development environment on the server.
  • Problems
    • Preferences
    • Jobs
      • refactor code to make dep on jobs optional.
    • ECF
      • Option to allow usage of another transport layer.
    • Extension registry
      • Can we get by with use of DS and OSGi services.
      • Add some ability to extract out the lookup of services/extensions.
      • Move over to only using services and translate registry to services in another bundle.
      • No real consensus on this issue.
  • How do we make sure we do not reintroduce the dependencies?

Injection of services and e4

Strange bug from Ian

  • Installing groovy into 3.6.1 fails with error about jdt
    • Groovy appears to patch jdt like OT does.
    • Groovy should require their specific jdt that they patch.

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