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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20101122


  • Jeff
  • Ian
  • DJ
  • John
  • Pascal
  • Andrew


  • p2 solutions for the OT fork thing
  • SAP p2 minimization
  • EclipseCon talks
  • Removal of manifests

p2 solutions for forking

  • Object Teams contributed a patch to Indigo that use the JDT namespace and versions (different qualifier)
  • This causes problems at the bundle / package consumer level
  • Much discussion
  • Consider making a magic capability in say the OT feature and have the OT jdt.core require that capability
  • John will give Andrew the bug number and Andrew will summarize

SAP p2 minimization

  • ECF
  • Registry
  • Preferences
  • Jobs
  • not keen on changing to another containerism. Better to isolate the p2 code
  • Pascal to folowup with SAP to clarify some of the requirements and directions

EclipseCon talks

  • Ian discussed various options for p2 related eclipsecon talks
  • proposed doing a tutorial to highlight the API via an installer or some such

Removal of manifests

  • Dean has supplied a patch to remove the manifests from the p2 metadata
  • Seems like we are not really using the manifest info
  • 3.6 will not be able to install from 3.7 repos because they have no manifest info
  • have the room to make 3.6.2 capable of dealing with missing manifests
  • consider leaving in some stubs of the manifest to keep 3.6 happy
  • can stop refering to the manifest

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