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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20101018


  • Tom
  • John Ross
  • Ian
  • Pascal
  • Andrew
  • Dean


  • Discuss improvements to license support bug 306818
  • Infinite loop in 3.6.1

Infinite Loop

  • If you have invalid MD5 we try to download again bug 327256
  • In 3.6 we changed the mirror handling, can cause infinite loop.
  • May be hard to fix it for 3.6.2 properly because of all the code paths
    • May be easier just to put a per artifact maximum amount of times.
    • Ian to work with John A. and Thomas H. to work on a solution.

License Improvement Support

  • PDE-Build solution. Only solving the authoring issue right now
    • License feature wizard will be used to create a new license feature project
    • pay-load feature will reference the license feature.
  • No license IU to reference from a p2 repo, that idea got shot down.
  • License feature could be a jar somewhere that contains the license feature?
    • Or contained in a code repo (CVS, SVN, git etc.).
    • May need support for a binary feature.
  • Best practice is to not publish the license feature to a p2 repo.
  • Andrew thinks we are close
    • Reference to license features versions
    • Use of binary features

Ian found a feature going the wrong direction

  • A team branched every project and retagged. bug 327830
  • Is there a tool from releng to help with correcting the versions.

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