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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20100927


  • Tom
  • DJ
  • Pascal
  • Jeff
  • John
  • Ian
  • Simon
  • Dean
  • Andrew


  • Launcher stuff
  • Shared install is working
  • Graduating the org.eclipse.equinox.concurrent API

Shared install is working

  • Bug 326235, what is going on here, Ian may investigate.
  • What happens if you are not root and you want to upgrade? We should revisit this in 3.7.

Launcher stuff

  • A couple of critical security bugs have come in.
  • Fixes in 3.4 stream
  • Investigate final fix in 3.7
  • Sun/Oracle - Are we ready for the change of branding
    • Should we backport the changes to other streams?
    • The fix in not in 3.5.
    • We verified we are in good shape WRT to our brittle approach.
    • Should we have argument to set this in the ini?

Graduating equinox.concurrent API

  • Use of concurrent APIs?
  • Who uses it and who maintains it?
  • Tom to respond to Scott on dev list.


  • John asks Pascal to review the updated proposal for the licenses and comment.

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