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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20100914


  • Jeff
  • DJ
  • John
  • Pascal
  • Simon


  • 3.6.1 status
  • 3.7 M2 testing (Equinox resolver topics)
  • merging equinox and p2 calls
  • Server side stuff
  • Equinox security



  • we are good to go
  • still some work to do with the EPP folks SR1
  • John will cast the vote

3.7 M2

Merging Equinox and p2 calls

  • General consensus that merging would be good
  • There should be some effort to contain deep technical discussions to the end of the call or other calls
  • The question of day / time comes up.
  • Suggesting sticking to afternoon ET but need to poll the Europeans to see if that is too late for them
  • Pascal to open a poll with various time slots
  • We'll make a decision in this call next week

Server side

  • Help guide Angelo Zerr in his server side tutorial blog series
  • Look at the RAP GSoC work and see if there is something that can be contributed to PDE
  • Look again at working with the WTP folks on tooling
  • We should try to get more people involved
  • the lack of tests is actually an impediment to getting more people on board because it is hard to assess contributions
  • There may be some challenges testing the servlet bridge on various app servers
  • Look at what the Jetty folks do for testing (see
  • perhaps look at HTTPUnit

Equinox security

  • what is the status here.
  • Matt F has not been around lately but there does not seem to be much activity.

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