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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20100817


  • DJ
  • Jeff
  • Tom
  • Simon
  • Ian


  • Use of new OSGi APIs and Generics in Indigo
  • Meeting schedules
  • 3.6.1 bugs
  • R4.3 spec.
  • Shared install issue


Use of new OSGi APIs and Generics

  • Can consider updating code to use generic types
  • Should not aggressively move to new APIs.

Meeting schedules

  • Should we stay on the every other week schedule, yes.

3.6.1 bugs

  • Launcher bug for
  • 21 bugs marked in p2 for 3.6.1. Need an extra review for RC2 bugs
  • One more week until the build (Aug 25).

R4.3 spec.

  • Framework updates
    • Generic APIs
    • Use of adapt for core services
    • Generic capabilities and requirements
      • Need to open a new bug against p2 to look at this. (Tom to open bug)
    • Framework hooks
    • Weaving?
    • Parametrized Services
  • Compendium services
    • Coordinator
    • Event Admin updates
    • Configuration Admin updates
    • Console

Shared Install Issue

  • EPP call director in a way (-roaming) that corrupts It contains bundles that are not included in the package.

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