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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20100420


  • John
  • Simon
  • Andrew
  • Jeff
  • Tom


  • Last week of M7
    • We need to update feature licenses again (bug 306627)
  • Can we improve target provisioning message (bug 307789)
  • Upgrade to jetty 6.1.23.
  • We compiled a new s390x



  • Will we have a longer test pass (Monday and Tuesday?)
    • This may require an earlier warm-up build.
    • Need to be careful about adding any API that is not strictly required.

Update to Jetty

  • Plan to get into orbit build by Friday and into one of the M7 warm-up builds, hopefully Friday.

target provisioning message

  • Will work with the PDE team to see if they can do something.
    • PDE currently will not install features that have the extra requirement on A.PDE.Target.Platform unless you unselect Include required software option.
    • Tom to open a bug.
  • Trying to select whole categories to install into targets. Is there something we can do to make the work flow better?
    • Seems like this will require a bit more change than we would be able to do in 3.6.

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