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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20100309


  • M6 Status
    • M6 N&N input to John by tomorrow
  • Post M6 API change requests
    • Approval process
  • EclipseCon Prep
    • BOFs? etc.
  • OSGi / Equinox web page.


  • DJ
  • Jeff
  • Tom
  • John
  • Simon
  • Andrew


M6 Status

  • New tracing enhancements
    • Will not do it for M6, too many questions. Will look at M7.
  • Testing, testing, testing. p2 really needs testing this week
    • lots of churn this release.
    • Server side p2 and shared install testing.
  • servlet bridge, bundle needs to be put in the servlet bridge project.
  • p2 API changes deprecated. We were leaking IRequiredCapability in our API so we need to get rid of that.
  • Version sorting issue in the launcher main. Not for M6.

Post M6 API

  • Should we keep it localized to the co-project leads.
    • We decided to keep the approval grants to Jeff and Tom post M6
    • What is the communication path?
      • Mark bug for PMC approval
      • Send note to equinox-dev mailing list to request API changes.

OSGi / Equinox Book and the website

  • Jeff will put the books on the equinox website.

EclipseCon Prep

  • RT BOF submitted
    • Is there a need for an Equinox BOF? No.
  • p2 BOF submitted
  • OSGi tutorial done with toast examples, done on 3.5.2
  • Server tutorial using 3.6 M6 for new product build stuff.

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