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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20100223


  • 3.5.2 org.eclipse.equinox.p2.repository needs version increase?
  • Review plan


  • DJ
  • John
  • Simon
  • Pascal
  • Jeff
  • Andrew


repository bundle downversioned

  • Too late, 3.5.2 is done.
  • May be comparing against 3.5.0 and not 3.5.1
  • Will need to rerun the compare tool to see if anything else is missing.


  • We reviewed the plan items. Tom will update the plan accordingly
  • Discussed updating from 3.5.x to 3.6.
    • Should work, it has been tested all of the 3.6 release
    • Too risky to enable by default for the galileo repository.

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