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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20091208


  • M4 Status
  • M5 is major feature freeze: need to make sure we don't let things fall through the cracks
    • Need API for getting state location that doesn't require Platform class bug 177783
    • Enhanced TextProcessor bug 183164
  • EclipseCon, deadline for submissions is December 18th
  • Status of Equinox Monitoring bug 297151
  • General EclipseRT stuff (repos)


  • Pascal
  • DJ
  • John
  • Andrew
  • Tom
  • Simon
  • Jeff
  • Andrew


M4 Status

  • p2 is done for M4, starting testpass in branch.
  • Server-side, build stuff did not get in for p2 provisioning. Going in M5.
    • Lots to do for M5 now.
    • Filter support todo in M5.

M5 is major feature freeze

  • p2 is busy in the API branch
  • New text processor will be a new bundle in components

EclipseRT stuff

  • Jeff to go through his concerns about the state of the repo and open bugs


  • Jeff - Tutorial on EclipseRT
  • p2 API talk (long)
  • p2 general talk (long)
  • p2 on Felix talk (short)
  • p2 on server side (short)
  • OSGi RFC 138 talk on composite bundles
  • PDE Build side - series of small build talks may evolve into larger talks
  • New launcher opening a file talk (short)
  • How we use Hudson to build launcher (short)

Status of Equinox Monitoring

  • Encourage participation in Gemini where appropriate

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