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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20091027


  • Helios M3 status
  • Progress on retention policy.
  • Extension registry and multiple locales bug 244468
  • Jetty 7 http service and RFC 66 bug 292837


  • Tom
  • DJ
  • Andrew
  • Pascal
  • Simon
  • John


  • M3 status
    • p2 is done, most work is being done in the branch.
    • Server side is done
    • No other planned fixes from other components
  • Progress on retention policy.
    • Pascal has started the wiki at Repository retention policy
    • Jeff will take it forward and add more stuff and drive it to the RT / Eclipse PMCs
  • Extension registry and multiple locales
    • Still need a review from John and Tom.
    • Need to get EclipseSource to get involved.
  • Jetty 7 http service
    • They are using the equinox.servlet bundle.
    • Where do we think the implementation should be housed?
      • Equinox or in jetty.
      • Thought is that it would be better to keep the technology close to the community of expertise instead of forcing it to be housed in Equinox.
  • Our license
    • Should we be dual license
    • It would make it easier for others to consume us (e.g. Apache).
    • It would open up the code to not force re-contribution (disadvantage).

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