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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20091020


  • Ways to inject through extension registry and e4.
  • Using DS for EventAdmin bug 289489
  • Progress on retention policy.
  • Extension registry and multiple locales


  • Tom
  • John
  • Andrew
  • DJ
  • Pascal


  • Extension registry changes
    • need to review patch and give Oleg feedback
    • Should target early release in M4.
  • Injection story
    • Getting services into an application
    • Riena has code to ease the use of services and the extension registry
    • Currently our application model requires us to use the extension registry
    • e4 uses the registry and injection to populate its model (uses annotations)
    • We should investigate Riena to see if there is anything we can reuse
    • John has been investigating injection in p2
  • Using DS for EventAdmin
    • suggestion is to add DS metadata and have fragments which revert to old behaviour
    • we use DS and if someone doesn't want to use DS then they would use the fragments
    • or could have a system property that we check and register if it is set (this might be easier than fragments)
    • Tom will modify patch and add property
    • property will be generic and not specific to this bundle
    • want to get this into M3
  • Retention Policy
    • we need to get a template wiki page up on the web to be added to

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