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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20090929



  • DJ
  • Oleg
  • Tom
  • Pascal
  • Simon
  • Andrew


  • Executable feature version has decremented in 3.5.1
    • If both delta-packs are installed then the highest version will be used for cross-platform product export.
    • Work around is to get rid of the old one.
    • Need to investigate what this means to runtime category.
    • Could we publish a new feature for Galileo? Create a new repo with the new feature put it out on the 3.5.1 repo.
    • Can we replace the delta-pack?
  • Use DS to register compendium services
  • The Galileo bytes for SR0 got removed when we moved to SR1.
    • Repos artifacts and meta-data should be immutable. No way to get SR0 content.
    • Can't revert if p2 GC happened, can't get old content to build from.
    • We should push to get the old content back.
      • Should take this item to the planning council as the best practice for the release train.
  • Change launcher to not work on Windows 98
    • Will make the executable smaller
    • Will simplify the executable because now we have duplicate code to support Windows 98.
  • Multi locale registry support
    • Should we cache all translated values that are asked for?
      • Do we care about the performance here?
    • Do we need the extra flag?
      • Needed to create an extra table.
      • We don't cache the %keys now, this would double the value overhead.
      • Do we persist the raw keys in the cache. Yes, new table create. Otherwise we would need to reparse the plugin.xml each startup. This is viewed as too much overhead even for server.
    • Log if someone request a locale other than the and the flag is not enabled.

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