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  • Discuss restructuring the Epsilon plugins into more fine-grained features
    • Have a core feature that does not even depend on EMF (Pending)
    • Be able to install Epsilon in the absence of GMF (Done)
    • Currently the Epsilon core feature depends on HUTN which is not included in the core feature through the ANT task (we can either make all dependencies to non-core tasks optional or split tasks into many plugins) see bug (?)
  • Discuss the graduation process
    • Epsilon needs to move out of EMFT as it's an incubator (Done - almost)
    • Move to EMF/MMT (ex-M2M)/investigate aiming for a project directly under Eclipse Modelling?
  • Discuss documenting/automating the (interim) release process. Might be useful if we can share the workload for preparing new releases. (Done)
  • Decide on what to do with action items carried over (i.e. create enhancement requests in the bugzilla?)
  • Go through open bugs

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