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Entity Correlation


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This page describes a the concept of an Entity Correlation used in the Context Data Model 1.1.


  • An Entity Correlation is a kind of Attribute of a source Entity
  • Each value of an Entity Correlation identifies a target Entity
  • Each source-target Entity pair expresses that both Entities are representations of the same person, group, thing or concept
  • Each value of an Entity Correlation is an Entity.


Attribute of

HOWL representation

  • A N-valued Entity Correlation Attribute is represented as N instances of the higgins:correlation ObjectProperty.
  • Representation in N3:
     a       owl:ObjectProperty ;
     rdfs:comment "A directed relation between two entities that are asserted to be representing the same person, group, object or concept"@en ;
     rdfs:label "correlation"@en .

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