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Create an e4 sample application

Applications based on the e4 platform can use JavaFX instead of SWT as a rendering technology. This tutorial will guide you through the creation of a media sample application.

  1. Setup a target platform for your application development:
    1. Open Preferences > Plugin-in Development > Target Platform
    2. Click Add ...
    3. Select "Nothing: Start with an empty target definition".
    4. Add ...
    5. Select Software Site
    6. Add ​ as a site or$VERSION/site where $VERSION should be replaced with the release you want to use
    7. Expand "FX Target" and check "Target Platform for Eclipse" and uncheck "Include required software"
    8. Finish and activate the new target.

    Efxclipse tut3 1.png

  2. Run the New > Project ... JavaFX/Samples/e4 Media Application wizard. Choose a name for your project and leave the rest of the settings on their defaults.
    Efxclipse tut3 2.png
  3. Launch the application using the generated launch configuration
    Efxclipse tut3 3.png

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